My first ever feedback from an Amazon Expert Reviewer…

So! Today was the announcement for the next stage of the “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest’.

I didn’t make the cut. Sad face. But I was the top 25% so that’s pretty legit! And today we got our feedback from the Amazon Expert Reviewers. This is what they said about my historical romance Matthew and Alexis:

“The narration of events is well written and flows smoothly. Descriptive events are true to life and make you feel a part of every moment. The characters are building upon some perfectly tuned personalities. The conversations were so lucid and clear that I wanted to be a part of them. I found myself talking to the characters and butting in by putting in my two cents. LOL. The characters are well tuned and believable in this story. The plot comes together so well like the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. A lowly born servant overwhelms and empowers the high and mighty arrogant rich guy with her simplicity. He must learn that true love does not cost a fortune or does it? One I would read over and over I am sure.”

I’m a happy cookie. And I cannot wait to share Matthew and Alexis with you all! Stay tuned my loves 🙂


-Brittainy Chantal