I think I found a moment (Random words pouring out). A Poem. Maybe?

I thought this could be fun—just writing whatever words come to me and seeing if it ends up meaning anything. Ready? Set? Go!


I think I found a moment where nowhere is somewhere. And someone is no one.

And eyes cannot see and legs cannot move.

His lips have managed to lose me inside a twisted atmosphere. The beats of my heart do not interfere with the feeling of his whispers against my willing ears.




From all of the limitations of what’s right and what’s wrong. I lose count of my past demons and find count in my current mistakes. Ohhhh but could a mistake taste so sweet? Nevermind what the world has told me of this person who is no one yet I now see as someone. I will find a way to make sure this moment doesn’t pass.

Before my mind reminds me that nowhere’s never last.



-Brittainy Chantal


He makes it easy to fall in love (A Poem)

He makes it easy to fall in love.

What does it mean when he doesn’t speak a word?

When he comes around the corner and my stomach stirs?

Do I open my mouth or let my eyes speak?

Will he turn my way or walk right pass me?

I feel my soul yearning for his presence,

But my ideas of society’s egotistical ways remind me that I am not worthy of his glance.

I am not slender. I cannot curl my hair. I walk with a leap and I sometimes swear.

My humor is tainted. I somewhat hate crowds. My mother informed me that I’m hard to be around.

My sister is blonde but my locks are stained black.

If I were to smile, he would notice my cheeks filled with fat.

He makes it easy to fall in love.

But who would choose the raven when he could surely have the dove?

-Brittainy Chantal