About Me!

Hey Friends!

Brittainy Chantal here and this is where my ‘About Me’ information goes. Yet! I’m a visual person, so instead of writing a bunch of stuff, let me send you to my site to check out more about me!


You can also follow me on facebook!



-Brittainy Chantal


3 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Your book Loving Mr.Daniels came up in our book club because of its high rating on goodreads. But none of us can download it from iBooks or from Barnes and Nobel? It’s not even available. We’re all curious as to why its only available on kindle? No one in my book club even owns a kindle.

    • Hi Karen! I’m so sorry about this issue! It was just recently taken off of B&N 😦 sorry for you having to search! I haven’t had a chance to change it on the site yet!

      If you message me at Brittainy.c.cherry@aol.com I would be honored to gift you and your book club each a copy of Loving Mr. Daniels for B&N or iBooks 🙂 again, I apologize for any struggles!

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